Author: Y. Kobashi

Yasuaki KOBASHI: What's New, Jan-Apr 2001

29 April 2001

It rained from time to time when we visited Mother Farm (Chiba Pref.).

22 April 2001

Queen of Night tulips on our balcony.

15 April 2001
A weekend in National Park Hakone (Kanagawa Pref.). Hakone is an active volcano some 30 km from Mt. Fuji.

12 April 2001

Cherry blossoms gone.

2 April 2001

Cherry blossoms at their peak.(pictures)

31 March 2001
It snowed on cherry blossoms, first time in 25 years. 東京は桜に雪.25年ぶりのこととか.雨がみぞれに変わったと思ったら 本物の雪に.また雨になって,明日はお天気らしい.
30 March 2001

Karuizawa, a famous "summer" resort, in snow.

27 March 2001
The cherry blossom season has come. 妙法寺(世田谷区大蔵,*地図*)の枝垂れ桜は見頃.大島桜は散りはじめています.知るひとぞ知る桜の名所で,暗くなると近所の人たちが夜桜を楽しみに集まってきます.遅くまで花を愛でる人たちのひそひそとささやくような声が絶えない.
25 March 2001
24 March 2001

Cycling along Tama River, all the way to Haneda Airport (Ohta-ku, Tokyo).
Some pictures here.

21 March 2001
Just back from ski holidays in Zao mountains (Yamagata Pref.), one of the largest ski resorts in Japan.
Some pictures here.

10 March 2001

Aqua-line is a 15km tunnel and bridge combination across Tokyo Bay.

25 February 2001

Nihonji Temple, Nokogiriyama (Chiba Pref.)

11 February 2001

Okamoto Park (above), and Kinuta Park Bird Sanctuary (right) in our neighborhood, Setagaya, Tokyo.

10 February 2001
Carnegie Mellon University Professor Herbert A. Simon died on February 9. An "In Memorial" article is placed at CMU site. Biographical information: here. Professor Simon' major works will be found at THE HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT WEBSITE, too. ノーベル経済学賞(1978)の受賞者で,人工知能,経営意思決定研究に大きな足跡を残したハーバート・A・サイモン教授が昨日(2月9日)亡くなりました.享年84才.
28 January 2001

Restored traditional farm houses in Jidayu-Bori Park, Setagaya, Tokyo.

27 January 2001

Another snowy weekend. Unusual in this part of Japan.
21 January 2001

The air was filled with the sound of melting snow.
Our first visit to Kokugikan, the National Sumo Hall. It was Senshuraku (The final games of the New Year Tournament) and predictably the Hall was full.

19 January 2001
Visited Science Museum Tokyo. They have an interesting theme section on bicycles. 支援基礎論研究会の仲間と皇居北の丸公園の科学技術館を見学.博物館はどんな支援を提供するのかを考えるため.
1 January 2001
We started the new year at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture (some pictures here). 野沢温泉スキー場で開催された世田谷スキー協会のスキー学校でお正月を迎えました.

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