Author: Y. Kobashi, All rights reserved.
Date : 2006/06/03 (updated); 2006/05/28 (created)

Tamagawa "Rhine" Bridge, Tokyo/Kanagawa
May 2006

Our favorite bridge over the River Tama, お気に入りの多摩水道橋
which reminds us of the Rijnbrug (Rhine Bridge) in Arnhem, the Netherlands, ひそかに「ライン橋」と名付けた
renamed in 1978 as John Frost Bridge それはあの映画で知られるようになった
to commemorate the heroic deeds of Major John Frost and his men アーネム(オランダ)の「遠すぎた橋」
in the course of Operation Market Garden in 1944.

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